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Stairwell Tower

Our stairwell tower allows access from either end of the tower via the walk-through ladder frame and permit continued use of the staircase.

Key features:

  • Narrow baseplates and toe-boards supplied as standard

  • Basic platform height of u to 2.7m which can be increased to 4.2m with the addition of the 1.5m stairwell tower extension

  • Standard platform height of up to 2.7m

Also An additional extension unit for the Stairwell Tower which increases its platform height up to 4.2m.

                                    Length        Width      Platform Height     Working Height               S.W.L               Price per Week

 Stairwell Tower           1.5m            0.7m               2.7m                         4.7m                             250 kg                       £80.00

Stairwell Extension      1.5m           0.7m               4.2 m                        6.2 m                            250 kg                        £30.00

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